Jet projects

1.   inclusion of jet production in MC@NLO
       Steve Ellis,Bill Kilgore, Stefano Frixione, Joey Huston

2.   jet algorithms at the Tevatron and LHC

    -impact of negative towers: to remove or not to remove, the D0 experience
    -impact of splitting/merging
       -understanding the effects of splitting/merging at the parton and hadron level
       -impact on boosted systems, e.g. W->jj in high pT top
    -understanding differences observed in jet  reconstruction between CDF and D0 environments
        -reconstruct sample of MC  events that produce problems in the CDF environment
    -utility of new algorithms such as JEF for final state reconstruction
       Frank Chlebana, Steve Ellis, Joey Huston, Alison Lister, Matthias Tonnesmann, Marek Zielinski

3.   UE subtraction

    -definition of UE + uncertainty for comparisons of data to NLO
    -impact of ISR on jets and jet predictions
    -operation in high multiple interaction environment
       Rick Field, Joey Huston, Peter Skands

PDF projects

1.   validity of NLO formalism/road to NNLO
       Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky

2.   benchmarks for NLO/NNLO fits
       Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky

3.   pdf uncertainties
       -universal delta_chisquare
       -pdf weighting; impact of Sudakov FF's
       -embedding LHAPDF into programs
      Stefan Gieseke, Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky, Dimitri Bourilkov, Peter Skands

4.   inclusion of Tevatron data in global fits
       -"back-of-the-envelope" studies
          -W cross section, W rapidity, W asymmetry
          -gamma +b/c
       Frank Chlebana, Mario Campanelli, Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky, Heidi Schellman

5.   W as a benchmark at both Tevatron and LHC
       Joey Huston, Pavel Nadolsky, Dimitri Bourilkov, Heidi Schellmann

6.   heavy flavor pdf's and their uncertainties
       Pavel Nadolsky

ME/MC projects

1.   W + jets comparisons at the Tevatron->predictions for the LHC
       -backgrounds to WW->H, the "Zeppenfeld plots"
       -jet shapes/comparisons to CKKW
       John Campbell, Ben Cooper, Joey Huston, Rachid Mazini, Steve Mrenna, Dave Waters, Dieter Zeppenfeld

2.   parton shower/resummation
       -predictions for tt, Higgs
          -impact of new parton shower algorithms
       Joey Huston, Steve Mrenna, Peter Skands, Torbjorn Sjostrand

UE/hadronization projects

1.      UE tunes for Tevatron->predictions for LHC
          -understanding color connections and their apparent promiscuity
                -Pythia 6.3
       Rick Field, Peter Skands

2.   hadronization corrections for NLO processes

3.   ISR/UE corrections->subtractions for NLO
       Rick Field, Joey Huston

4.   understanding high interaction multiplicity environment