Welcome to QUEST (QUantum Education for Students and Teachers), a website for sharing the fun and excitement of quantum physics with educators, students, and the general public. The leaders of the QUEST project, Prof. R. Sekhar Chivukula and Prof. Elizabeth H. Simmons, are theoretical particle physicists who teach at Michigan State University. Each year, they work with undergraduate students to create new materials about quantum physics, try them out at various public outreach events, and improve them based on feedback.

Please explore the site to learn about quantum physics... or to get ideas about how to teach others about these topics. Feel free to use the resources here in your own teaching or public outreach.

Here are the main areas of the website:

  • The About Us tab introduces the faculty and students involved in QUEST and also the outreach activities QUEST undertakes.
  • The Physics tab provides a visual introduction to the main topics of the QUEST site: (a) the development of our theoretical and experimental understanding of quantum physics and (b) the roles quantum physics plays in our everyday lives.
  • The Resources area contains materials for use by those interested in starting or augmenting their own public outreach efforts. These tip sheets, equipment lists, and slides have been developed by QUEST faculty members in collaboration with MSU undergraduates and have been tested in a variety of venues.
  • The Links tab highlights to other outreach resources in the high-energy physics community, many provided by (inter)national particle and nuclear physics laboratories.

Links to Related Sites at Michigan State University:

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