The Physics Graduate Organization (PGO) at Michigan State University is a multi-purpose group run by graduate students for the express purpose of supporting graduate students at every stage of academic development. This is reflected in the wide range of PGO Officer duties.

The PGO Graduate Recuitment Chair helps ensure prospective graduate students feel at home while visiting MSU. Once enrolled as a physics graduate student, the PGO Inclusion Director ensures an inclusive and respectful environment for physics graduate students, post-docs, and professors alike. Physics graduate students are also provided several environments to get to know each other: the PGO Social Chair organizes weekly social outings through Friday "Happy Hour"s, while the PGO Seminar Organizer ensures weekly intellectual stimulus through Friday PGO Seminars. PGO also contains representatives for several on-campus groups. This includes the Shop & Space Committee Representative, who connects MSU physics graduate students to the Physics & Astronomy Machine Shop; the Graduate Curriculum Representatives, who provide graduate student input on curriculum changes; the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) Representative, who connect MSU physics graduate students to the larger body of MSU graduate students and their goals; the Dean's Student Advisory Council (SAC) Representative, who meets monthly with the Dean to promote physics graduate student interests; and the GEU Representatives, who represent our physics graduate students in regards to their status as not only students but also employees of MSU. PGO is held together as a cohesive whole via the overarching economic efforts of the PGO Treasurer as well as the guidance of the PGO President and PGO Vice-President. Finally, the PGO Webmaster maintains this website as an information resource for MSU physics graduate students.

To be a member of PGO, you only need be a physics graduate student at MSU. Best wishes, and Go Green!