Henry Center Sponsor Hall
GLPA Sponsor FAQ
for Oct 2018


This page is for sponsors/vendors setting up in the Sponsor Hall at the Henry Center. Sponsors setting up in the sponsor hall at the Henry Center should contact Shannon Schmoll (schmoll@pa.msu.edu) with any set-up questions.
Sponsors setting up in the planetarium dome should read this FAQ: https://web.pa.msu.edu/abrams/msta/glpavendorfaq.html

GPS Address

Henry Center for Executive Development
3535 Forest Rd.
Lansing, MI 48910

Shipping Address

The Henry Center and Abrams Planetarium cannot accept shipped equipment/material (except digital content) to be stored before the conference. The MSU Logistics department offers a convenient event material management system where everything is shipped to one campus location up to 2 weeks before the event and stored in a climate controlled area. It will be delivered to the respective venue (Henry Center or Abrams Planetarium) the day it's needed. The logistics team will also retrieve your materials after the conference and ship them with your prepaid return shipping label. Please visit http://usd.msu.edu/logistics/event-material-management/ to register for this service and to pay the $45 fee. (equipment must arrive between Sept. 26 and Oct. 8)
​More details can be found at the GLPA conference web site. https://glpa.org/2018/sponsor

Items for the conference bags

Please send 200 items

Please ship any conference bag items to:
   Abrams Planetarium
   755 Science Road
   Michigan State University
   East Lansing, MI 48824

Floorplan for the 3800 square foot sponsor hall

Ceiling height is 11 feet to the beams.
The lights are 8' 8" above the floor.

The round tables and salad bar will not be there.

Six-foot rectangular tables will be placed along the outer wall.

The center section has high ceilings.

16 feet between the columns.

This is the patio outside the hospitality suite and sponsor hall.

A selfie from our photographer for the day.


Abrams Planetarium
755 Science Road
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone Numbers.

Planetarium Phone: (517) 355 4676

John's Phone: (517) 884 0036

Shannon's Phone: (517) 884 0039


John French -- frenchj @ msu.edu
Shannon Schmoll --schmoll @ pa.msu.edu