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PDFgetX is a program for obtaining an atomic pair distribution function (PDF) from x-ray powder diffraction data.  The program is designed for ease of use.  It is interactive with a built in graphic capability for viewing the effect of corrections to the data. 

Takes raw x-ray powder diffraction data as input.  Yields a total scattering structure function, S(Q) and the PDF, G(r).

Supported Platforms
PDFgetX is a suite of macros and functions written in the YORICK interpreted language.  YORICK is a powerful interpreted language, similar in scope to IDL, and is  ideal for analyzing large data-sets. YORICK can be downloaded for free. In principle, PDFgetX will run on all platforms which run YORICK.  YORICK distributions exist for Windows 95 and NT, macintosh and DEC alpha NT as well as Linux and unix.  We have tested PDFgetX on the following platforms:

  • Windows 95/NT
  • DEC unix OSF/1
  • Redhat Linux 6.0
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