D I F F U S E   package
Current version : 4.1

Authors: Thomas Proffen, Reinhard Neder, Simon Billinge

Welcome to the homepage of the diffuse program package consisting of three programs: DISCUS, PDFFIT and a specialized plotting program KUPLOT. DISCUS is a program for defect structure simulation and the calculation of diffuse scattering. It supports Monte Carlo simulations and much more. PDFFIT is a refinement program for the Pair Distribution Function. Follow the links below for more information.


Enjoy ;-)

This software (DISCUS, PDFFIT and KUPLOT) described here is provided without warranty of any kind. No liability is taken for any loss or damages, direct or indirect, that may result through the use of these programs. No warranty is made with respect to this manual, or the programs and functions therein. There are no warranties that the programs or their documentation are free of error, or that it is consistent with any standard, or that it will meet the requirement for a particular application.
Last update: February 28, 2003.