Log Number: 31
Abstract Submitted to the NT-99-Logo NANOTUBE-99 Workshop:

Field emission from fully sealed, large area carbon nanotube field emission display

W.B.Choi, D.S. Chung, I.T. Han, J.H. Kang, H.Y. Kim, N.S. Lee, Y.H. Lee*, and J.M. Kim

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Display Lab.
* Jeonbuk National University
Contact e-mail: wbchoi@sait.samsung.co.kr

Carbon nanotube field emission display (CNT-FED) prototype has been fabricated. This prototype is announced to be the first CNT-FED. Field emission properties of fully sealed CNT-FED were investigated. Carbon nanotubes were fabricated by arc discharge technique, and then purified in sulfuric and nitric acid. Carbon nanotube aligning techniques with the aid of slurry-squeezing and electrophoresis were developed for a large-area CNT cathode. Phosphors are deposited on the anode glass for red, green, and blue colors. The assembled structure was sealed in an atmosphere of highly purified Ar gas by means of a glass frit. The display plate was evacuated down to the pressure level of 1x10-7 Torr. Finally, the active area of 4.5-inch panel with fully sealed carbon nanotubes was produced. The turn-on field for lighting phosphor was 1.5 V/%lm. Brightness of 1800 cd/m2 at 4V/%lm was achieved on the entire area of 4.5-inch panel from the green phosphor-ITO glass. The fluctuation of the current was satisfied for the field emission display. These reliable results enable us to produce carbon nanotube-based large area full-color FEDs in the near future. In this presentation, fabrication techniques and emission properties of large area CNT-FED will be demonstrated. Emission mechanism together with experimental results will be discussed.

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