Log Number: 33
Abstract Submitted to the NT-99-Logo NANOTUBE-99 Workshop:

Doped Nanotubes: Fundamental Properties and Battery Applications

John E. Fischer, Roland S. Lee and Agnes Claye

University of Pennsylvania, Materials Science Dept, Philadelphia, USA
Contact e-mail: fischer@sol1.lrsm.upenn.edu

Both pulsed laser ablation (PLV) and carbon arc methods (CA) yield nanotube "rope" crystallites which should behave as intercalation hosts for the synthesis of ordered doped phases, analogous to graphite, conjugated polymers and fullerene solids. I will review the x-ray and transport results obtained with a variety of donor and acceptor dopants. Recent results from an individual rope will be included, as well as in situ electrochemical data for the case of Li. Prospects for exploiting nanotubes in Li-ion batteries will be discussed; in particular, improvements in material properties required for realistic applications.

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