Log Number: 46
Abstract Submitted to the NT-99-Logo NANOTUBE-99 Workshop:

Electronic Structure Inferred from Resonant Raman Spectra of Carbon Nanotubes

G. Dresselhaus and M.S. Dresselhaus

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, U.S.A.
Contact e-mail: gene@mgm.mit.edu

Single wall carbon nanotubes provide a unique system for studying the special features in the Raman spectra that relate to low dimensionality. Furthermore, the observed Raman spectra provide unique characterization information about the nanotubes. New results are presented on resonant processes associated with the 1D density of electronic states that select those nanotubes which contribute strongly to those characteristic features in the first order and second order Raman spectra that depend on the radial breathing mode. Other features in the first and second-order Raman spectra that are associated with the tangential modes distinguish between metallic and semiconducting nanotubes. Finally, Raman features that relate to the D-band and G'-band of sp2 carbons also exhibit distinct and unique features in single wall carbon nanotubes, insofar as all nanotubes contribute to these features in a resonant process associated with electronic transitions at the K point of the Brillouin zone of a 2D graphene sheet.

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