Log Number: 63
Abstract Submitted to the NT-99-Logo NANOTUBE-99 Workshop:

Defects and Transport in Carbon Nanotubes

Steven G. Louie

Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley, and
Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720
Contact e-mail: sglouie@uclink.berkeley.edu

I will briefly review some theoretical work on the electronic and transport properties of carbon nanotubes. In particular, results on the quantum conductance of carbon nanotube junctions and tubes with defects will be presented. Calculations have been carried out using both ab initio and tight-binding methods. Defects such as vacancies, substitutional impurities, and pentagon-heptagon defect pairs on tube walls are shown to produce highly interesting effects on the conductance. The effects of long-range vs. short-range disorders on the transport properties of metallic and electrostatically doped semiconducting nanotubes are also examined, with the metallic tubes being much less affected by long-range disorders.

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