Log Number: 78
Abstract Submitted to the NT-99-Logo NANOTUBE-99 Workshop:

Physical Properties of Commercially-Available SWNT

M. Tachibana1, K.A Williams2, S.L. Fang3, E. Richter2, and P.C. Eklund2

1Dept. of Physics, Yokohama City University
2Dept. of Physics, University of Kentucky
3CarboLex Inc., ASTeCC A020, University of Kentucky

Contact e-mail: eklund@pop.uky.edu

The commercial rate of production of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) is now sufficient to permit feasibility studies in a number of applications areas, e.g., electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, gas adsorption, and field-emission display (FED) technology. Early results indicate that commercial demand for high-purity, lower-cost SWNT will soon rise. We believe that the demands for production scale-up can be met without significantly compromising the desirable quality of synthesized SWNT. A comparative study of the physical properties of commercially available SWNT prepared by various methods will be presented, with focus given to the advantages and limitations of Raman spectroscopy.

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