International Workshop on the
Science and Application of Nanotubes

East Lansing, Michigan, USA, July 24-27, 1999

List of Contributions

A: Morphology, Characterization, and Electronic Structure of Nanotubes I
A.1 "Parallel Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Carbon Nanotubes"
by Attila Caglar, Michael Griebel
A.2 "Augmented Cylindrical Wave Method for Nanotubes"
by Pavel N. D'yachkov, Oleg. M. Kepp, Alexandr V. Nikolaev
A.3 "Simulation of STM images of carbon nanotubes: I. Principles and illustrations"
by Ph. Lambin and V. Meunier

(see invited talk J.2)
A.4 "Simulation of STM images of carbon nanotubes: II. Signature of caps, defects and various tube and tip morphologies"
by V.Meunier, Ph.Lambin and A.Rubio
A.5 "Atomic force microscopy and force modulation microscopy of coiled carbon nanotubes"
by P. Simonis, A. Volodin, V. Meunier, M. Ahlskog, Ph. Lambin, Ch. Van Haesendonck
A.6 "SFM characterisation of carbon nanotubes on electrode arrays"
by J. Muster, G.S. Duesberg, M. Burghard, S. Roth
A.7 "Electronic and Structural Properties of Carbon Nanohorns"
by Savas Berber, Young-Kyun Kwon, David Tománek, and Sumio IIjima
A.8 "Electronics of bent Carbon Nanotubes"
by D. Tekleab, R. Czerw, P.M. Ajayan and D. L. Carroll
A.9 "Morphology and electronic structure of arc-discharge carbon nanotubes"
by A.V. Okotrub, A.L. Chuvilin, L.G. Bulusheva, D. Tománek
A.10 "Angle dependence of fluorescence yield for carbon nanotubes"
by L.G. Bulusheva, A.V. Okotrub, A.V. Gusel'nikov, A.V. Antich
B: Morphology, Characterization, and Electronic Structure of Nanotubes II
B.1 "Raman microscopy on individual single wall nanotube species"
by G. S. Duesberg, H. J. Byrne, J. Muster, M. Burghard, W. Blau and S. Roth
B.2 "In situ Raman Investigations of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Under Pressure"
by E.D. Obraztsova, H. Th. Lotz, J.A. Schouten, M.E. Kooi
B.3 "Raman Intensity of Carbon Nanotubes and Related Materials"
by R. Saito, G. Dresselhaus and M.S. Dresselhaus
B.4 "Investigation of Structure / Property Relationships in Carbon Nanotube Composites through the use of Raman Spectroscopy"
by C.A. Cooper and R.J. Young
B.5 "Localization in carbon nanotubes"
by T. Kostyrko, M. Bartkowiak and G.D. Mahan
B.6 "Novel length scales in nanotube devices"
by Francois Leonard and J. Tersoff
B.7 "Physics of Metal-Carbon Nanotube Interfaces"
by Yongqiang Xue and Supriyo Datta
B.8 "Transmission Through Carbon Nanotubes With Polyhedral Caps"
by M. P. Anantram, Liu Yang, Jie Han and T. R. Govindan
B.9 "Theoretical investigation on the filling of Carbon Nanotubes by H+, Li+ and H2"
by Tapas Kar, Jayasree Pattanayak and Steve Scheiner
C: Formation Process of Nanotubes I
C.1 "Solid State Formation of Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes"
by Y. Chen, L.T. Chadderton, J. Fitz Gerald, J.S. Williams
C.2 "WS2 and MoS2 Microtubes, Nanotubes and Ropes: Structure and Growth"
by M. Remskar, Z. Skraba, R. Sanjines, and F. Levy
C.3 "Growth and Morphology of Boron Carbide Nanowires"
by D.N. McIlroy, Daqing Zhang, Y Kranov, M. Grant Norton
C.4 "Carbon nanotubes as part of composites: synthesis of powders and dense materials, microstructure and properties"
by Ch. Laurent, E. Flahaut, A. Peigney, A. Rousset
C.5 "Detection of new carbon structure during transformation of ultra dispersed diamond to carbon onion particle"
by A.V. Okotrub, L.G. Bulusheva, V.L. Kuznezov, Yu. Butenko, A.L. Chuvilin
C.6 "Impulse Heating an Intercalated Compound: Additional Studies"
by Thomas J. Manning, Joseph Stach, and Thomas Vickers
C.7 "Growth dynamics of graphitic carbon by laser ablation"
by S. Iijima, M. Yudasaka, K. Takahashi and F. Kokai
(see invited talk I.1)
C.8 "Roles of metals in the formation of single-wall carbon nanotubes"
by M. Yudasaka, T. Ichihashi, and S. Iijima
C.9 "Synthesis of single-wall carbon nanotubes by reduction of oxide solid solutions"
by Ch. Laurent, E. Flahaut, A. Peigney, R. R. Bacsa, A. Rousset
C.10 "Control of Carbon Nanotube Configurations"
by Sungho Jin and Wei Zhu
D: Formation Process of Nanotubes II
D.1 "Ar ion shower effect on carbon nanotube growth by microwave plasma enhanced CVD"
by I.T. Han, N.S. Lee, Y.S. Woo, S.W. Lee, and J.M. Kim
D.2 "Growth of well-aligned nanotube films on various substrates"
by Z. Ya. Kosakovskaya
D.3 "Controlling the Growth of Nanotubes through Substrate Design"
by Jun Li
D.4 "Controlled Growth of Individual Carbon Nanotubes"
by Z. P. Huang, D. Z. Wang, J.G. Wen, Z. F. Ren, J. H. Wang, L. E. Calvet, J. Chen, J. F. Klemic, M. A. Reed
D.5 "Semi-continuous Synthesis of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes by Hydrogen Plasma Arc"
by H.M. Cheng, C. Liu, H.T. Cong, M.S. Dresselhaus
E: Mechanical Properties of Nanotubes
E.1 "Detecting standing-wave bending modes on carbon nanotubes through electronic transport"
by M. Kociak, A. Yu. Kasumov, R. Deblock, B. Reulet, H. Bouchiat, I. I. Khodos, Yu. B. Gorbatov, V. T. Volkov and C. Journet
E.2 "Modeling tensile strength and heat conduction of Nano-'Velcro'TM"
by Savas Berber, Young-Kyun Kwon, and David Tománek
E.3 "Simulations of Mechanics, Plasticity, and Kink-catalyzed Functionalization of C and BN Nanotubes"
by Deepak Srivastava, M. Menon and K. Cho
F: Chemical Properties of Nanotubes
F.1 "Carbon Nanotubes as Quantum Molecular Sieves"
by J. Karl Johnson, Sivakumar R. Challa, and David S. Sholl
F.2 "Molecular simulation of hydrogen adsorption in charged single-walled carbon nanotubes"
by Vahan Simonyan, Karl Johnson
F.3 "Electrochemical storage of hydrogen in NTs"
by Ch. Nuetzenadel, A. Zuettel, D. Chartouni, Ch. Emmenegger, and L. Schlapbach
F.4 "Adsorption of Methane on SWNT's"
by S.E.Weber, S.Talapatra, C.Journet and A.D.Migone
F.5 "Modelling of carbon network adsorption reactivity"
by F. Darkrim, A. Aoufi, P. Malbrunot and D. Levesque
G: Electronic Properties and Transport in Nanotubes
G.1 "Supercurrents Through Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"
by B. Reulet, A. Yu. Kasumov, R. Deblock, M. Kociak, H. Bouchiat, I. I. Khodos, Yu. B. Gorbatov, V. T. Volkov, C. Journet, and M. Burghard
G.2 "Effect of electron interactions on transport in nanotube junctions"
by Amir A. Farajian, Keivan Esfarjani and Y. Kawazoe
G.3 "Conductance of Nanotube With Topological Defects"
by Hajime Matsumura and Tsuneya Ando
G.4 "Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in multiwalled carbon nanotubes"
by A. Bachtold, C. Schonenberger, C. Strunk, J.P. Salvetat, L. Forro
G.5 "Conductance Quantization and Berry's Phase in Carbon Nanotubes"
by Tsuneya Ando, Takeshi Nakanishi, and Riichiro Saito
G.6 "Fractional quantum conductance of carbon nanotubes"
by S. Sanvito, C.J. Lambert, Y.-K. Kwon, and D. Tománek
G.7 "Conductance measurements of metallic single-walled nanotubes"
by David H. Cobden, J. Nygard and P. E. Lindelof
G.8 "Conductivity measurements of catalytically synthesized carbon nanotubes"
by M. Ahlskog, R.J.M. Vuller, C. Van Haesendonck, A. Fonseca, J. B.Nagy
G.9 "Systematic Transport Studies of Various Classes of Individual Singled-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"
by Chongwu Zhou, Jing Kong, Hongjie Dai
G.10 "Spin electronics using carbon nanotubes"
by B.W. Alphenaar and K. Tsukagoshi
G.11 "A simple, reliable technique for making electrical contact to multi-walled carbon nanotubes"
by Elton Graugnard, Brian Walsh, Pedro J. dePablo, S. Datta, R.P. Andres, R. Reifenberger
G.12 "Field emission from fully sealed, large area carbon nanotube field emission display"
by W.B.Choi, D.S. Chung, I.T. Han, J.H. Kang, H.Y. Kim, N.S. Lee, Y.H. Lee, and J.M. Kim

(see invited talk H.1)
G.13 "Electron emission from carbon nanostructures"
by O. and P. Groening, O. Kuettel, L. Schlapbach et al.
G.14 "Ultrafast electron dynamics in single wall carbon nanotubes probed with time-resolved photoemission"
by T. Hertel and G. Moos
G.15 "Theoretical Investigation of Propagation of Charged Particles, Thermal Neutrons and X-Rays through Straight and Bent Nanotubes and Associated Phenomena."
by N. K. Zhevago and V. I. Glebov
G.16 "Modeling of transport in side-contacted nanotube-metal junctions"
by M. P. Anantram, S. Datta and Yongxiang Xue
H: Applications of Nanotubes
H.1 "Field emission displays (FEDs) have much in common with cathode-ray tubes (CRTs)"
by W.B. Choi, Y.H. Lee, J.H. Kang, H.Y. Kim, D.S. Chung, I.T. Han, Y.W. Jin, and J.M. Kim
H.2 "Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles"
by R. H. Baughman, C. Cui, A. A. Zakhidov, Z. Iqbal, J. N. Barisci, G. M. Spinks, G. G. Wallace, A. Mazzoldi, D. De Rossi, A. G. Rinzler, O. Jaschinski, S. Roth, and M. Kertesz
H.3 "Free Space Construction of Carbon Nanotubes"
by George D. Skidmore, Matt Ellis, Jim Von Ehr
H.4 "Theoretical Investigation of Nanotube as a Molecular Tool"
by Istvan Laszlo
H.5 "Laser driven atomic pump"
by Petr Král and David Tománek
H.6 "Nanotube production and applications at Johnson Space Center"
by Pavel Nikolaev, Bradley Files, Sivaram Arepalli, Carl Scott and William Holmes
H.7 "Issues involved in using a nanotube-based memory device"
by Mark Brehob and Richard Enbody
I: Formation and Characterization of Nanotubes I
I.1 "Growth dynamics of graphitic carbon by laser ablation"
by S. Iijima, M. Yudasaka, K. Takahashi and F. Kokai
I.2 "Energetics and Electronic Properties of Doped Nanotubes"
by Susumu Saito
I.3 "Dynamics of Interacting Nanotubes"
by Young-Kyun Kwon and David Tománek
J: Formation and Characterization of Nanotubes II
J.1 "Synthesis, structure, chemistry and growth of composite B-N-C nanotubes and filled carbon nanotubes"
by A. Loiseau
J.2 "Simulation of STM images of carbon nanotubes: Principles and illustrations"
by Philippe Lambin and Vincent Meunier
J.3 "Perspectives on Nanotube Applications from the Vapor-Grown Carbon Fiber Community"
by Gary G. Tibbetts
K: Formation and Characterization of Nanotubes III
K.1 "Large arrays of well-aligned carbon nanotubes"
by Z. F. Ren, Z. P. Huang, D. Z. Wang, and J. G. Wen
K.2 "Catalytic Growth Mechanisms for Single-Wall Nanotubes"
by J.-C. Charlier
K.3 "Nanoscopic Hybrid Materials: The Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Peapods, CATs and Kin"
by David E. Luzzi and Brian W. Smith
L: Ground-State Properties of Nanotubes
L.1 "Physical Properties of Commercially-Available SWNT"
by M. Tachibana, K.A Williams, S.L. Fang, E. Richter, and P.C. Eklund
L.2 "Doped Nanotubes: Fundamental Properties and Battery Applications"
by John E. Fischer, Roland S. Lee and Agnes Claye
L.3 "Mechanical Properties and Transport in Carbon Nanotubes"
by J. Bernholc, M. Buongiorno Nardelli, J.-L. Fattebert, D. Orlikowski, R. Roland and Q. Zhao
M: Electronic Properties of Nanotubes I
M.1 "Defects and Transport in Carbon Nanotubes"
by Steven G. Louie
M.2 "Electrical transport in carbon nanotubes and quantum wires: experiments and theoretical results"
by Phaedon Avouris
M.3 "Field emission from carbon nanotubes of various tip structures"
by Jisoon Ihm and Seungwu Han
N: Electronic Properties of Nanotubes II
N.1 "Second-Order Resonant Raman Spectra of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes"
by Mildred S. Dresselhaus and Gene Dresselhaus
N.2 "Electronic Structure Inferred from Resonant Raman Spectra of Carbon Nanotubes"
by Gene Dresselhaus and M.S. Dresselhaus
N.3 "Carbon Nanotubes Kinks as Intramolecular Junctions"
by Cees Dekker
O: Electronic Properties of Nanotubes III
O.1 "From mechanical to electronic properties of carbon nanotubes"
by Laszlo Forro J.-P. Salvetat, J.-M. Bonard, R. Gaal, B. Ruzicka, and L. Degiorgi
O.2 "In situ electron microscopy experiments on MWNTs"
by Walt de Heer, Philippe Poncharal, R. Nitsche, and Z.L. Wang
O.3 "Density Waves and STM Imaging of Carbon Nanotubes"
by E.J. Mele and C.L. Kane
O.4 "T.B.A."
by Alex Zettl

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