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The Hammer used efficiently by Jerry Bernholc while chairing a session. "When everything else fails..."

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WonBong Choi of the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology discussing how the image displaying the text "NANOTUBE-99" may be generated in a nanotube-based flat-pannel display.

Ray Baughman of Allied Signal discussing the use of carbon nanotubes as "artificial muscles" for actuators.

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Demonstration of a working prototype of a carbon nanotube-based flat-pannel display by the Korean Company Samsung. Maybe soon, such devices will replace nowaday's bulky TV monitors.

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Young-Kyun Kwon, a PhD student at Michigan State University, discussing Physics after his invited talk.

A somewhat unusual nano-banquet ...

... with no after-dinner talk.

Peter Butzloff, the author of Nanotube Poetry, discussing nano-science.

Hand-waving arguments presented by one of the organizers of NT'99.

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Closing of the NT'99 Workshop with a blow of The Hammer.

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