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Chronological List of Posted Discussion Topics

1. "Why are nanotubes not superconducting?"

2. "Which is the most efficient way to produce nanotubes?"

3. "Can computer modeling help to optimize large-scale nanotube formation?"

4. "Are nanotubes the best system for hydrogen storage?"

5. "What is the upper limit for the nanotube diameter? "

6. "Multiwall nanotubes: Nested cylinders or scrolls?"

7. "Which parameter of the catalytic metal determines the SWNT diameter?"
by Elena Obraztsova

8. "How do single wall nanotubes grow?"
by P. Bernier, C. Journet

9. "Can Advanced Parallel Processing and Simulation be Used in the Design, Development and Testing of Nanotube Separation and Filtration Concepts?"
by William A. Van Dyke, Jr.

10. "Field emission of nanotubes: How do we optimize it?"
by Jisoon Ihm

11. "What is the best way to harness a nanotube's strength?"
   by Brad Files

12. "What Is the Behavior of Charged Particles and X-Rays in Nanotubes?"
   by Bill Parkyn, Teledyne Displays

13. "Can we favor SWNT wall reactions by laser excitation wavelength selection?"
   by Peter Butzloff, University of North Texas Department of Materials Science

14. "Does a directed microwave anneal make synthetic sense?"
   by Peter Butzloff, University of North Texas Department of Materials Science

15. "Is SWNT orientation & layering feasible for fabric manufactoring?"
   by William D'Emilio, Jr.

16. "Charged nanotubes: Possible capacitors and adsorbents?"
   by Vahan Simonyan and Karl Johnson, University of Pittsburgh

17. "Can the Tethered Space Elevator be constructed using Nanotubes?"
   by Ken Eldridge

18. "Synthesis with Intercalated Compounds?"
   by Thomas J. Manning, Department of Chemistry, Valdosta State University

19. "Can Nanotubes Form from Boron Alone?"
   by Rick Becker

20. "Why, in some experiment, is the conductance one quantum unit (2e2/h) instead of two?"
   by Jisoon Ihm, Seoul National University (SNU)

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