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International Workshop on the
Science and Application of Nanotubes

East Lansing, Michigan, USA, July 24-27, 1999

Room-Mate Request Form

Submit this form if you wish us to match you with a room-mate of the same gender, with similar travel plans, in order to split the cost of USD 84.- + tax for a room at the Marriott Headquarters Hotel.

Once we find a match, we will share the information you provide below, in particular the travel schedules and e-mail addresses, with both parties, whom we will suggest as potential room-mates. (We believe this service will not be misused; still, we have to decline liability for any consequences.)

After we have notified you of a match, it will be your responsibility to arrange for your accommodation, by contacting the East Lansing Marriott at +1-800-646-4678 or +1-800-228-9290 (toll-free within the U.S.), or by faxing your request to Marriott at +1-517-337-5001. Please make your reservation early and mention the workshop name "NANOTUBE-99" to obtain the strongly discounted rate.

Current status of the Room-Mate Queue:

Notice: At least one room-mate reqeust can not be answered, as the participant did not leave his/her e-mail address and has not registered. Please register and resubmit your room-mate reqeust form, if yours has not been answered yet.

Information about Yourself.

Your name:
Your gender: Male
Are you a smoker? No
E-Mail Address:

Your Travel Plans.

Date of Arrival:
Date of Departure:
Time of Arrival:
Additional Travel Information
(Travel by Private Car / Air; Flight Number):

Additional Information:

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