Welcome to NANOTUBE-99!

We are thrilled by the prospect of a unique workshop focussing on an intriguing material, namely Nanotubes. This is truly your workshop; the unusual format and approach reflect the variety of ideas we received from many of you. NT'99 will combine the format of an informal workshop reporting cutting-edge discoveries with that of a conference, where invited talks will be presented by leaders in the field.

Also our approach and objectives are somewhat different from specialized workshops and conferences:

We welcome everyone to share with us the adventurous journey to the limits of the unknown.

David Tománek                       Richard J. Enbody

East Lansing, July 21, 1999
  Oh Nanotube
of carbon crude,
so cumbersome we trundle
through pass of phase,
by time decays,
and character to bundle!

From "Material Ethereal"
by Peter Butzloff

David Tomanek at Michigan State University / tomanek@pa.msu.edu
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