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Nanotube Poetry

by Peter Butzloff

Contact e-mail: PButzloff@bellhelicopter.textron.com

Material Ethereal

We speculate
but underrate
what mystery we wrangle,
a Nanotube
from carbon crude,
that nature did entangle.

Two kinds or type
of nano-pipe
can possibly appeal:
A Multi-Wall
or Single-Wall
of carbon might congeal.

At nano volts
and little jolts
our Nanotube we measure.
The Single-Walls
like metal hauls
electrons at our pleasure.

In Multi-Wall
electrons crawl
resisting with displeasure.
Now bend to shape
with twist and plait
our circuit sold for treasure.

At carbons bound
and chiral wound
electrons shot in action
streak and shine
a structure fine
and pattern with diffraction.

By Gammas thrown
through what is known
we make our calibration.
In X-ray field
stand pipes revealed
with great elaboration.

In Multi-Walls
like twisted halls
electron spins can couple.
Now concentrate
such tubes by weight
to soften signals supple.

A Single-Wall
type tubule tall
finds rare the indication
of spinning slave;
electrons crave
magnetic dissipation.

At length alight
from angle right
vibration shifts so sweetly
a signal bright
in Raman light
but frequency discretely.

A stick or stone
may break a bone.
but pull a tube this stately,
then tensile trait
at length would rate
of forces large and greatly.

Oh Nanotube
of carbon crude,
so cumbersome we trundle
through pass of phase,
by time decays,
and character to bundle!


So lets delight
as well we might
in nanotubes of carbon wound.
In twist of rhyme
I set sublime
a story of their making bound.

Deposits pure
can we assure
of multi-walls and nano-type
in vapors grown
from methane blown
on surfaces we reap when ripe.

Transition metals
grow nano-nettles
like needles stuck upon the night.
A vacuum spark
on carbon dark
makes tubules in a one-walled light.

In laser showers
from carbon bowers
the single layer stems do flower.
And what is grown
from what was sown
is synthesis by superpower.

Now bend the structure
in acid rupture:
An ultrasonic bath will break
down tubule strength
to cut at length
and activate the ends that shake.

A template neat
of size petite
is built from nano-tubule comb.
Some fluids glide,
like stuff applied
where capillary actions roam.

I condescend
to now transcend
the shortness of this tubule blend:
Reactions mend
and tubes append,
so limitless can lengths extend.

I hope to raise
synthetic praise
for nano-tubes in greater part.
With words to say
we share what may
by thunder of these thoughts depart.

By Peter Butzloff
University of North Texas
Department of Materials Science
Denton, Texas

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