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Nanotube Poetry
by Peter Butzloff
A Trophy Club Poet

Contact e-mail: PButzloff@bellhelicopter.textron.com


Around the bend is where they fight.
Resound the end is near despite
wails heard in fear or fright.

Is lucky dragon slain tonight,
his bucky-tail twisted tight?
Tell me if I hear it right!

I strain to see the errant knight,
and will not flee the active site
in the crooked wall of night.

Band of Nanotubes

Hear my wit and humor crass,
a quantum level pun to pass.
I derive a charge with sass.
I promote effective mass
to bridge a gap that shows my class.

Reflect on my magnetic fist;
I tell my story with a twist.
In grating noise it can be missed;
at angles I have set my list.
Why hide a beat that rays have kissed?

Share my music with compunction.
Feel our vacuum in conjunction.
You imagine how I function;
we can find a real junction.
From this work we find our function.

By Peter Butzloff
University of North Texas
Department of Materials Science
Denton, Texas

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