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Nanotube Poetry
by Peter Butzloff
A Trophy Club Poet

Contact e-mail: PButzloff@bellhelicopter.textron.com

We of Nanolore
by Peter Butzloff,
for original research conducted by Carole Cooper

Please bend your ear to hear this pitch
in our rumbled Raman stitch
enriched at niches found between
our skin and core as lore serene
with song, and measures keen.

Flat diamond facets stress and press
a caress assessed to guess
by rubies wrung of second light
what cry impressed on blackness bright
escapes our crystal sight.

Hear high promotion of our notes
so the jewel and pitch emotes
in thickness quickly sung impure
to ring a sound that might mature
in purity demure.

Prove positive is story told
to the opposite of fold:
Behold a tension, we explain
and entertain a bent campaign
to gain domain with strain.

True-eyed resistance clarified
what our surface songs implied.
The middle riddle peak supplied
astride a wideness tied inside
has verified our side.

So orient our bent of way
at a length and angle stray.
Correct the force by factors few
in three directions that we knew
not sung by voice in two.

Those lent of ear and heard of pitch
feel the perfect pattern twitch.
The universal shift sent clue
by likelihood to those we knew
in terapascal hue.

Peter Butzloff
University of North Texas
Department of Materials Science
Denton, Texas

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