Simulation of a nanotube-based
memory element

The associated MPEG movie shows the functionality of a nanotube-based memory element. The outer capsule is a short segment of a (10,10) carbon nanotube, with a diameter of 1.4 nanometers, terminated at both ends by perfect fullerene caps. The capsule is large enough to hold a C60 buckyball molecule inside. The buckyball carries a net charge if it contains an alkali atom in the hollow cage. The C60 molecule can be shifted from one end to the other by applying an electric field between the ends of the capsule. The two energy minima of this system, with the buckyball bonded to either end of the capsule, can be associated with bit 0 and bit 1. The simulation has been performed by Young-Kyun Kwon.

This structure has been patented as a non-volatile memory element and awarded U.S. Patent Number 6,473,351.

Switching a nanotube-based memory element
(Short MPEG movie - 0.2 MB)

Switching a nanotube-based memory element
(Long MPEG movie - 2.9 MB)

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