Carbon Nanotubes - A Time Line

A Word of Caution: Selecting the key events and publications is a field as hot as that of Carbon Nanotubes in an objective way is an impossible task. The following is a first iteration of my subjective opinion regarding the key events and publications. I apologize if "your" contribution is not quoted - I wanted to keep the list concise.

1991     Discovery of multi-wall carbon nanotubes
  ["Helical microtubules of graphitic carbon", S. Iijima, Nature 354, 56 (1991)]
1992     Conductivity of carbon nanotubes
  ["Are fullerene tubules metallic?", J. W. Mintmire, B. I. Dunlap and C. T. White, Phys. Rev. Lett. 68, 631 (1992)
"New one-dimensional conductors - graphitic microtubules", N. Hamada, S. Sawada and A. Oshiyama, Phys. Rev. Lett. 68, 1579 (1992)
"Electronic structure of graphene tubules based on C60", R. Saito, M. Fujita, G. Dresselhaus and M. S. Dresselhaus, Phys. Rev. B 46, 1804 (1992)]
1993     Structural rigidity of carbon nanotubes
  ["Structural Rigidity and Low Frequency Vibrational Modes of Long Carbon Tubules", G. Overney, W. Zhong, and D. Tománek, Z. Phys. D 27, 93 (1993)]
1993     Synthesis of single-wall nanotubes
  ["Single-shell carbon nanotubes of 1-nm diameter", S Iijima and T Ichihashi Nature, 363, 603 (1993)
"Cobalt-catalysed growth of carbon nanotubes with single-atomic-layer walls", D S Bethune, C H Kiang, M S DeVries, G Gorman, R Savoy and R Beyers, Nature, 363, 605 (1993)]
1995     Nanotubes as field emitters
  ["Unraveling Nanotubes: Field Emission from an Atomic Wire", A.G. Rinzler, J.H. Hafner, P. Nikolaev, L. Lou, S.G. Kim, D. Tománek, P. Nordlander, D.T. Colbert, and R.E. Smalley, Science 269, 1550 (1995).]
1996     Ropes of single-wall nanotubes
  ["Crystalline ropes of metallic carbon nanotubes", Andreas Thess, Roland Lee, Pavel Nikolaev, Hongjie Dai, Pierre Petit, Jerome Robert, Chunhui Xu, Young Hee Lee, Seong Gon Kim, Daniel T. Colbert, Gustavo Scuseria, David Tománek, John E. Fischer, and Richard E. Smalley, Science 273, 483 (1996).]
1997     Quantum conductance of carbon nanotubes
  ["Individual single-wall carbon nanotubes as quantum wires", SJ Tans, M H Devoret, H Dai, A Thess, R E Smalley, L J Geerligs and C Dekker, Nature, 386, 474 (1997).]
1997     Hydrogen storage in nanotubes
  ["Storage of hydrogen in single-walled carbon nanotubes", A C Dillon, K M Jones, T A Bekkendahl, C H Kiang, D S Bethune and M J Heben, Nature, 386, 377 (1997).]
1998     Chemical Vapor Deposition synthesis of aligned nanotube films
  ["Synthesis of large arrays of well-aligned carbon nanotubes on glass", Z F Ren et al., Science, 282, 1105 (1998).]
1998     Synthesis of nanotube peapods
  ["Encapsulated C60 in carbon nanotubes", B.W. Smith, M. Monthioux, and D.E. Luzzi, Nature 396, 323 (1998).]
2000     Thermal conductivity of nanotubes
  ["Unusually High Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes", Savas Berber, Young-Kyun Kwon, and David Tománek, Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 4613 (2000).]
2000     Macroscopically aligned nanotubes
  ["Macroscopic Fibers and Ribbons of Oriented Carbon Nanotubes" , Brigitte Vigolo, Alain Pénicaud, Claude Coulon, Cédric Sauder, René Pailler, Catherine Journet, Patrick Bernier, and Philippe Poulin, Science 290, 1331 (2000).]
2001     Integration of carbon nanotubes for logic circuits
  ["Engineering Carbon Nanotubes and Nanotube Circuits Using Electrical Breakdown", P.C. Collins, M.S. Arnold, and P. Avouris, Science 292, 706 (2001).]
2001     Intrinsic superconductivity of carbon nanotubes
  [M. Kociak, A. Yu. Kasumov, S. Guéron, B. Reulet, I. I. Khodos, Yu. B. Gorbatov, V. T. Volkov, L. Vaccarini, and H. Bouchiat , Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 2416 (2001).]

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