Our World


Science Day
at the Mall


Sensing our World 2002
July 15 - 19 and July 22 - 26

A week-long all-day summer camp 
about sensors and science 
for students entering 7th and 8th grade 

Sponsored by:
The Center for Sensor Materials
in association with the 
Capital Area Science and Math Center

Participants of Sensing our World '02 for the week of July 15 -19 (Left) and July 22 -26 (Right).



Sensing Our World '02 moved this year to the brand new MSU Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building with great facilities for the camp. This year's campers experienced a wide variety of engaging hands-on/minds-on activities to explore the world of Physical Science.

Building and testing motors, experimenting with density, "experiencing" air pressure, dissecting and building speakers, constructing laser-fences, doing light-wave communication, and "cool science" experiments were on the week's schedule.

A day was dedicated to chemistry experiments determining acidity and alkalinity of substances and experimenting with polymers. Campers also learned about scientific glass blowing where some even got to "blow" glass a nd shape glass tubing over high intensity flame. Demonstrations in the Laser Laboratory impressed students with the possibility of materials study with lasers.

In the Engineering Microscopy Lab, students were able to "see" material with scanning electron microscopes. They learned about fiber optics and triboluminescence through experiments with optical fibers. Campers experimented with the effects of cryogenic temperature on materials and the magnetic properties of metals.

To cap off the full week, students shared their discoveries and experiences of Sensing Our World with families and guests during the Friday afternoon Demonstrations and Awards Program.

For information about the camp contact:
Ann Kirchmeier
2169 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building 
Michigan State University 
E. Lansing, MI 48824-2320 
Phone: (517) 432-0159 
Fax: (517) 432-5501