Our World


Science Day
at the Mall


Sensing our World 1999
July 12-16 and July 19-23

A week-long all-day summer camp 
about sensors and science 
for students entering 7th and 8th grade 

Sponsored by:
The Center for Sensor Materials
in association with the 
Capital Area Science and Math Center

week1: group photo week2: group photo
Participants of Sensing our World '99 for the week of July 12 -16 (Left) and July 19 -23 (Right).

Camp Activities

The summer science camp, Sensing our World '99, was offered July 12 - 16 and July 19 - 23. Twenty seven students from Ingham, as well as surrounding counties participated in the camp this year. Through demonstrations and hands-on activities students learned science using different kinds of sensors. For projects, students built their own detectors, such as lie detector, burglar alarm and infra red light detector. The topics included sound, optics, heat, simple circuit, magnetism and nuclear radiation. Students had lunch with a faculty member from the Center for Sensor Materials everyday. They learned about each others' work during the informal lunch hour. 

Among the many activities, students visited the handicapper service in the main library at Michigan State University to learn about the sensors used for handicapped students. Students also visited National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at the campus and learned about the kinds of detectors used at the facility. A firefighter from the Lansing Community College showed fire sensors. Two officers from Michigan State University police department showed how radar detectors work. Students were also introduced to Alex, a bomb sniffing police dog from the K-9 unit. Alex demonstrated how he uses his most natural sensor, the nose, to sniff explosives. 

For information about the camp contact:
Ann Kirchmeier
303 Physics & Astronomy Building 
Michigan State University 
E. Lansing, MI 48824-1116 
Phone: (517) 432-0159 
Fax: (517) 432-5501