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Experimental CMP Faculty

Professor Jack Bass

Low temperature / magnetic multilayers (GMR)
Professor Norman Birge
Mesoscopic transport / Noise / Glasses
Research Associate Professor Ruby Ghosh
Semiconductor transport / Optics / Sensor Materials
Professor Brage Golding
(CSM Director)
Mesoscopic transport / sensor materials
Professor William Hartmann
Assistant Professor Chih-Wei Lai
(Cowen Endowed Chair of Experimental Physics)
Semiconductor quantum optics & ultrafast spectroscopy; many-body interactions in low-dimensional materials & nanostructures
Assistant Professor Lisa Lapidus
Protein & RNA physics
Assistant Professor John McGuire
Nanoscience; surface science; ultrafast & nonlinear optics
Professor William Pratt Jr.
Low temperature transport / magnetic multilayers (GMR)
Assistant Professor Chong-Yu Ruan
Ultrafast electron crystallography
Emeritus Professor Peter Schroeder
Low temperature transport / magnetic multilayers (GMR)
Associate Professor Stuart Tessmer
Mesoscopic physics / superconductivity / scanning probe microscopy
Assistant Professor Pengpeng Zhang
Surface science / Nanomaterials / Scanning probe microscopy

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