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Alex Levchenko, Assistant Professor

Alex LevchenkoE-mail:


M.S. (1998-2003) Kharkov National University
Ph.D. (2004-2009) University of Minnesota
Postdoc (2009-2011) Argonne National Laboratory

Joined CMP group 2011



Quantum kinetics/Mesoscopic effects/Nonequilibrium systems

Research Focus

Field-theoretical treatment of many-body systems: interacting disordered systems in the nonlinear sigma-model formulation, Keldysh type kinetic theory for out-of-equilibrium systems.

Superconductivity: vortex matter; coherence and proximity effects in SN, SF etc. hetero-structures and Andreev interferometers; effects of superconductive fluctuations above the critical temperature; transport in cuprates, and other unconventional, multi-band superconductors; collective phenomena and phase slips in nanowires.

Plasmonics: Wood anomalies and anomalous diffraction due to surface plasmon-polariton waves.

Coulomb drag: Coupled 2DEG bi-layers, drag in quantum circuits such as wires, quantum dots and point contacts; Giaever transformers; quantum ratchet and rectification effects.

Graphene: Transport theory and in particular voltage-driven quantum oscillation effects, nonequilibrium phenomena and anomalous supercurrent switching in graphene under proximity effect.

Physics in 1D: Luttinger liquid and beyond, interaction effects on transport properties (electrical and thermal conductances, thermoelectric effects); role of three-particle collision: electronic equilibration and thermalization; effects of spin-charge separation; driven quantum Hall edge states.

Selected Publications

Coulomb drag in quantum circuits, Physical Review Letters 101, 216806 (2008)

Keldysh technique and nonlinear sigma-model: basic principles and applications, Advances in Physics 58, 197 (2009)

Resonantly suppressed transmission and anomalously enhanced light absorption in ultrathin metal films, Physical Review B 79, 161406(R) (2009)

Transport theory of superconductors with singular interaction corrections, Physical Review B 81, 012507 (2010)

Thermalization of nonequilibrium electrons in quantum wires, Physical Review Letters 106, 196402 (2011)