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S. D. Mahanti, Professor

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Ph.D. 1968 University of California Riverside

Recent Publications

Electronic Structure of Complex Bismuth Chalcogenide Systems (with Daniel Bilc, Hong Li, and Paul Larson) To be published in the Proceedings of the Conference on Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science of Thermoelectric Materials: Beyond Bismuth Telluride; ed. M. G. Kanatzidis, S. D. Mahanti, and T. P. Hogan (Kluwer Acadedmic, 2003)

Electronic Structure of Ternary Zintl Phase Compounds: Zr3Ni3Sb4, Hf3Ni3Sb4, and Zr3Pt3Sb4; Comparison with Ni containing Half-Heusler Compounds ZrNiSn (with P. Larson, J. Salvador, D. Bilc, and M.G.Kanatzidis, submitted to Phy. Rev)

REAu3Al7 (RE = Rare Earth): new ternary aluminides grown from aluminum flux (with S. E. Latturner, D. Bilc, J. R. Ireland, C. R. Kannewurf, and M. G. Katatzidis) Journal of Solid State Chemistry 170, 48 (2003)

Stabilization of beta-SiB3 from liquid Ga: A boron-rich binary semiconductor resistant to high-temperature oxidation (with J. R. Salvador, D. Bilc, M. G. Kanatzidis) Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 42, 1929 (2003)

On the Stability of the Saturated Ferromagnetic State in the Double Exchange Model; Effect of Quantum Fluctuations of the Localized Spins (with A. Taraphder and T. A. Kaplan, under preparation)