This home page contains some pointers of interest to students taking PHY183 during Fall Semester, 1995.

First Class software package

This package has been made available on the MSU P-A anonymous ftp server. These files contain the client software only, keyed to a server at MSU. After installation, you will need to log in to the server using the username and password you were given in class. (So, there's little point to non-classmembers downloading these.)
  1. Mac version (about 414 KB)
    Requires text-mode download and then BinHex 4.0 or compatible program to decode before running.
  2. MS-Windows version self-extracting (about 770 KB)
    Requires binary-mode download, but no special decoding software:
  3. MS-Windows version ZIP archive (about 750 KB)
    Requires binary-mode download and UNZIP or PKUNZIP software to unpack the installation directory;
Instructions on running the software and logging into the server will be made available in class.
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