Astronomy 201

Astronomy and Astrophysics I, Fall 1997

General Information:

AST 201 Astrophysics and Astronomy I Fall 1997

Instructor: Suzanne Hawley, 307 PA, 353-6670
Teaching Assistant: Jon Tourtellot, 318 PA, 353-9920

Lectures: M,W,F 1:50-2:40 120 PA
Recitation: both sections Th 1:50-2:40 120 PA

IMPORTANT! You should view the recitation section as a regular class time. This time will be used for makeup classes when the instructor has been traveling. Quizzes and graded homework will be discussed, and help will be available for upcoming homework and questions about lecture material.

Office Hours: M,W 3:00-4:00 307 PA Hawley
Th,F 3:00-4:00 318 PA Tourtellot

Final: Monday December 8, 12:45-2:45 pm

Text: "Fundamental Astronomy", 3rd Edition
by Karttunen, Kroger, Oja, Poutanen and Donner

AST 201/202 is a year long course which provides a general introduction to the basic ideas in modern astronomy and astrophysics for science and engineering majors. One semester each of calculus and physics are prerequisites. In AST 201 we will cover the solar system, the interstellar medium, and stars, with only a brief preview of galaxies and the cosmos. AST 202 (offered in the spring) will cover the Galaxy, extragalactic objects, and cosmology as well as offering laboratory and observing experience. Our objective in this course is that you learn to think and view the universe as an astronomer does, as well as gain an appreciation of the hardware, software and mathematical tools used to carry out astronomical research.

Grading: Grade will be based on 5 homework assignments (40%),5 quizzes (40%), and a final (20%). The 4 highest homework scores and quiz scores will be used. No late homework will be accepted. No makeup quizzes will be given. The homework must have the problem statement written at the top of each problem, followed by a clear, concise presentation of the solution. Homework must beturned in by 5:00 pm on the due date and may be placed in the TA's mailbox on the second floor of the Physics-Astronomy building if you wish to turn it in after class. Homework and quiz solutions will be available at the P/A library main desk, located on the second floor of the P/A building.