AST 201 Fall 1997 Detailed Syllabus and Reading for Unit IV.

NOTE: This information is available on the web page for the class. Address is: Click on "calendar" for syllabus information. As the semester progresses, the homework and quiz solutions will also be available on the web. The books "Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics" by Zeilik, Gregory and Smith (known as ZGS) and "Astronomy, a Physical Perspective" by Kutner (known as Kutner) are now in the P/A library on reserve.


Stellar spectra and the HR diagram.
Reading: Ch. 9; ZGS Ch. 13; Kutner Ch. 3. Date: 10/27


Stellar structure, nuclear fusion.
Reading: Ch. 11; ZGS Ch. 16; Kutner Ch. 3. Date: 10/29

10/30 Recitation section

Go over homework and quiz from unit 3.


The Sun - interior and atmosphere.
Reading: Ch. 13; ZGS Ch. 10; Kutner Ch. 6. Date: 10/31


Star clusters and what we can learn from them.
Reading: Ch. 17; Kutner Ch. 13, ZGS Ch. 16; handouts. Date: 11/3


Stellar evolution, differences for low and high mass stars.
Reading: Ch. 12; ZGS Ch. 16; Kutner Ch. 10.1. Date: 11/5

11/6 Recitation section

Homework and lecture questions.


End stages: supernovae and planetary nebulae.
Reading: Ch. 12; ZGS Ch. 17.2, 18.4-5; Kutner Ch. 11.1, 10.3, handouts. Date: 11/7


End products: white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes.
Reading: Ch. 15; ZGS Ch. 17; Kutner Ch. 10.4, 11.2, 11.5. Date: 11/10


Field trip to MSU Observatory - near intersection of College Road and Farm Lane. Meet there at regular class time.
Date: 11/12

11/13 Recitation section

Homework and lecture questions

9. Homework #4 due, Quiz #4 (in class).

Date: 11/14