isp209_movie.gif (53936 bytes) ISP 209    Fall 1997
The Mystery of the Physical World

MTH 110 or MTH 116 or MTH 120 or MTH 124 or MTH 201 or STT 200 or STT 201 or concurrently or designated score on mathematics placement examination.

Laws of physics through demonstrations and analyses of everyday phenomena. Optics, mechanical systems and electromagnetic phenomena.

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Professor Carl Bromberg
251G Physics & Astronomy
(517) 353-1809

Lecture MWF: 11:30 - 12:20,
Physics and Astronomy Building, room 118

Syllabus: page 1, page2

Text: Supplied in class:
The Elastic Universe

Homework: assignments and solutions

Exams: solutions (coming soon)       


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