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ISP 211    Fall 1997

The Structure of Matter

•MTH 110 or MTH 116 or MTH 120 or MTH 124 or MTH 201 or STT 200 or STT 201 or concurrently or designated score on mathematics placement examination.

ISP211 class celebrating Einstein's birthday

Instructor: Professor Bernard Pope
251F Physics & Astronomy
(517) 353-1695

A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Atom

Wouldn't you like to know something about the atom? Or relativity? Just what did Einstein do? How does a cyclotron work? Does anti-matter exist? Learn the dos and don'ts (mostly the dont's!) about making an atom bomb. Did you know that the first person to win two Nobel prizes was a woman? Who was she? And what did she do? What was so special about Schroedinger's cat? What happens if you travel at the speed of light? Answers to these (and many more) questions revealed.

This course discusses some of the ideas of modern physics with almost no math. And with lots of demonstrations and videos.

Lecture MWF: 10:20-11:10 AM, Room 120 Physics Astronomy

Text: From Alchemy to Quarks, S.L. Glashow

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