First Class conferencing software package

This package has been made available on the MSU P-A anonymous ftp server. These files contain the client software only, keyed to a server at MSU. After installation, you will need to log in to the server using the username and password you were given in class. (So, there's little point to non-classmembers downloading these.)
  1. Mac version (about 414 KB)
    Requires text-mode download and then BinHex 4.0 or compatible program to decode before running.
  2. MS-Windows 3.1x version self-extracting (about 770 KB)
    Requires binary-mode download, but no special decoding software:
  3. MS-Windows 3.1x version ZIP archive (about 750 KB)
    Requires binary-mode download and UNZIP or PKUNZIP software to unpack the installation directory;
    The MS-Windows 3.1x version should work under Windows 95, but there may be some minor changes in the details of the setup procedure. You should be able to use method "2" above, first running \dirname\fcwin26.exe -d from a DOS-prompt window, and then SETUP.EXE from the "Explorer" (as opposed to MS-Windows 3.1x's "File Manager").

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