Examples for AC circuits

Example #1


Consider the LC circuit to the right. If one needs to tune this circuit to a frequency of 84 kHz, and the capacitor has a capacitance C = 3.0 mF, what inductance L is needed?


Use the relation, . Solve for L.

L = 1.20E-6 H

Example #2


a.) What is the impedance of the circuit to the right if: f = 60 Hz, L = 20 mH, R = 4.0 W?


Z = 8.54 W

b.) If the r.m.s. voltage of the source is Vrms = 110 V, what is the r.m.s. current?

Solution: Irms = Vrms/ Z

Irms = 12.9 amps

c.) What is the peak current?

Solution: Ip = sqrt(2) Irms

Ip = 18.2 amps

d.) What is the power dissipated in the resistor?

Solution: P = I2rmsR

P = 1320 W

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