Welcome to Physics 184
Physics for Scientists and Engineers

WEDNESDAY MAY 6, 1998: 8:00-10:00pm
CAPA SECTIONS 1- 9: N100 BCC (Business College Complex)
CAPA SECTIONS 10-32: N130 BCC (Business College Complex)

Instructor Information

Prof. Michael Thoennessen
e-mail Thoennessen@nscl.msu.edu
N111A Cyclotron Laboratory
355-9672 ext 311

Prof. Sam Austin
e-mail Austin@nscl.msu.edu
W-104 Cyclotron Laboratory
355-9672 ext 323

Connie Bednarski
e-mail Bednarski@pa.msu.edu
350 Giltner

Mahdokht Behravan
e-mail Behravan@pa.msu.edu
350 Giltner

Khalid Eid
e-mail Eid@pa.msu.edu

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