When entering answers,


  1. If units are given enter number only.
  2. If units are not given, enter units after number, with one space before units.
    For example, if the answer is 3.54 meters per second, enter:
               3.54 m/s
    For example, if the answer is 1.52x106 volts, enter
                1.52E6 V or 1.52 MV
    Click here for list of accepted units.
  3. For scientific notation, use E to specify exponent.
    For example if answer is 7.52x10-6, enter
  4. Enter no spaces in numerical field. This means no space before the E if scientific notation is being entered.
  5. Units are case sensitive. If units are supposed to be MV, then mv will not be accepted.


  1. If answer requires T-F format,
    For example, if there are four parts and the answer is true-false-false-true, enter
            tfft  with no spaces.
  2. If answer asks, "which are true?'',
    For example if there are statements a,b,c,d,e,f and b and d are true while the others are false, enter
           bd  with no spaces.

OTHER FORMATS, e.g. mix and match:

Follow directions. Answers are usually character strings with NO SPACES.