PHY201 Physics Computations II
Physics Department, Michigan State University
Prof. in charge: Dr. Phil Duxbury
TA's: Adam Smith (
(and page made by) Aleksandar Donev (

    Hello all PHY201 students. This webpage is ment to help you prepare for the exam that is coming soon and it contains links to the formulations and the solutions of the worksheets. A similar page will soon be made for PHY101 and PHY301.
  But for that you'll have to wait...
    The materials referenced here are either in HTML format, so that you can read them directly on your browser (at very low quality!), in PostScript format (opened most easily with GhostView), or ocassionally in PDF format (opened most easily with Adobe Acrobat).
  Do not use HTML for printing due to the low quality of the Tex->HTML converters.

The links:

        Introduction to Fortran Reference Manual
        Worksheets' Formulations
        Worksheets' Solutions 

        Summary for Final Exam: With Sample Problems