Quantum Physics I PHY471, Fall 1999

Homework set 7

Due Monday, 10/25/1999


Please clearly state your assumptions, number the equations and indicate logical connections between different lines.

1.                  [3+2+2pt]

a)      Ohanian, #3.8, p. 93

b)      Find the wave function describing bound states (E<V0).

c)      Find the wave function describing unbound states (E>V0).

2.                  [3+2pt]           Infinite square well in three representations

a)      Ohanian #9, p.94 (Evaluate the fourier transform explicitely).

b)      Plot the functions |y(x)|2 and |f(p)|2 in suitable intervals.

3.                  [2+2pt]           Ohanian #7, p.93

You can use Mathematica to evaluate the integrals as long as you attach a printout or screen dump showing the commands you used.

4.                  [2+2pt]           Ohanian #13, p.94