Undergraduate Physics Laboratory 

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Michigan State University

Course Description

General Information

The laboratory manuals are written in PDF format. You will need either: Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Adobe Exchange Plug-In for Netscape to translate these documents. These are available from the Adobe Website. All other documents have been written in HTML.

  • Syllabus
  • Semester specific information: Fall Semester 1997

  • Sections and Instructors
  • Schedule of Experiments for each week.
  • Lab manuals can be purchased from the Student Bookstore.

  • Introduction to Computers.
  • Reaction Time and Statistics.
  • Free Fall 1.
  • Free Fall 2.
  • Projectile Motion.
  • Moment of Inertia
  • One Dimensional Collision: Elastic.
  • One Dimensional Collision: Inelastic.
  • Heat Equivalent of Mechanical Energy.
  • Spring 1.
  • Spring 2: The Movie.
  • Pendulum.
  • Standing Waves.

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