Examples for Semiconductors

Example #1


Identify and describe the pictures below:

  1. prob02_dcpower.gif (457 bytes)

  2. prob02_forwardbias.gif (330 bytes)

  3. prob02_pnptransistor.gif (632 bytes)

  4. prob02_rectifier.gif (819 bytes)

  5. prob02_reversebias.gif (336 bytes)

  6. prob02_transistorsym.gif (235 bytes)
  1. A half-wave rectifier. This can be used as an AC-DC converter.

  2. A forward-biased diode. The current shown is allowed to flow.

  3. A pnp transistor.

  4. A full-wave rectifier. During both halves of the cycle, current flows from left to right thus producing a purely positive signal.

  5. A reverse-biased diode. Current is not allowed to flow in the direction shown.

  6. The circuit-diagram symbol for a transistor.

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