Physics 231 is a non-calculus-based general physics class, recommended for a variety of majors, such as those pursuing a pre-med education. Topics include: Newtonian equations of motion, momentum and energy conservation, rotational motion, gravity, thermodynamics and wave motion.


Scott Pratt

BPS Bldg., #4208A
Office Hours:
Wed.: 9:10-10:30 AM
355-9200, ext. 2016

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Wu-Ki. Tung picture Wu-Ki Tung

BPS Bldg., #3236
Office Hours:
M: 4:00-5:00 PM
and by appointment
355-9200, ext. 2133

8:00 AM (Section 1), 9:10 AM (Section 2), 10:20 AM (Section 3)

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