PHY 232, Fall 2002-09-03


Honors Option


Students in phy232 who are members of the Honors College can qualify for Honors in the course by accomplishing all of the following:

1.      achieving at least a 3.0 grade

2.      By tutoring in the help room for a minimum of 3 hours per week and/or monitoring and responding to the discussion forum on CAPA.

3.      At the end of the semester writing a 1-page report about your experience during the semester. 


You will find the experience of helping your colleagues rewarding, since answering questions often deepens your own understanding of the logic and power of scientific thinking, and greatly helps your communications skill -- both very important for your career development, no matter what your chosen field is.


If you qualify and are interested, please sign up in class, or send a e-mail to Professor Billinge,, as soon as possible. Please give your name, PID and student number. Once signed up, the duty starts the third.