Supplementary Resources and Reading

Lecture 1:
1. Government nanotechnology web-page:
2. Two slit problem: any undergraduate optics book, e.g., Chapter 10 of Optics, by E. Hecht, Addison-Wesley, or Chapters 13,15-17 of Fundamentals of Optics, 4th edition by F. A. Jenkins and H. E. White, McGraw-Hill

Lecture 2:
1. Introduction to neutron scattering: Lecture 1 of Roger Pynn's lecture notes at
2. Introduction to neutron and x-ray scattering: First 15 slides from Sunny Sinha's lecture notes:
3. Excellent very readable introduction to x-ray scattering: Chapters 1 and 4 of Elements of X-ray Physics by J. Als-Nielsen and D. McMorrow, Wiley, (2004)
(2001 edition on reserve in the BPS library)
4. Basic introduction to neutron scattering. Neutron scattering - a primer by Roger Pynn. Aimed at a non-specialist audience so less mathematically dense:
5. Readable and cheap introduction to neutron scattering (Pynn and Sinha's neutron lectures came from here): Chapter 1 of Introduction to the theory of Thermal Neutron Scattering by G. L. Squires, Dover, 1996 (1978 edition on reserve in the BPS library).

Physics 973 Spring 2004: Probes of nanostructure in complex materials
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