Physics 231/231C Announcements

  • Review sessions for the final exam will be held:
    Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 6:00 - 7:30 PM in BPS 1410 (lecture room)
    Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 10:00 AM - noon in 138 Chemistry
    Phil Duxbury will run the Dec. 7th session and the Dec. 13th session will be handled by Scott Pratt. Please feel free to email either professor any suggestions for problems you might like to see solved or for questions you might like to see answered (,

  • The help room will be staffed for its normal hours Monday and Tuesday of finals week. Click on "helproom" on the home page to see schedule.

  • The final exam for all sections of both PHY 231 and PHY 231C will be given at 8:00 PM, December 14th. The exam will last two hours.
    Locations for the exam are:
    SECTION 1 (8:00 lecture) BPS Building, Room 1410. This is your normal lecture room.
    SECTION 2 (9:10 lecture) Chemistry Building, Room138.
    SECTION 3 (10:20 lecture) Anthony Hall, Room 1281
    PHY 231C (on-line) Well's Hall, Room B104

    A make-up final Thursday morning, Dec. 15th, at 7:45 AM in 1410 BPS. If you need to take the make-up final (e.g., you have 2 other exams Wednesday, or an exam at the same time) you should inform your instructor as soon as possible.

    The final exam will have 32 questions. Half will be numerical - half conceptual. Half will cover material from the last three problem sets - half will cover material from the first nine problem sets.
  • For some students, the estimate of the number of remaining HW problems required to attain all 10 HW points was incorrectly calculated. This did not affect the table which gave all the scores needed for specific grades. For the semester, there are 287 HW problems (or parts to problems). To get all 10 HW points, you need 80%, or 230 points. You can view your HW scores on LON-CAPA by hitting the "grades" button from the main menu. Of course, it will be to your advantage to do all the HW.
  • During the week of Thanksgiving, an email was sent to each student giving an individualized accounting of their standing in the class with an explanation of what they need to score on the final to achieve specific final grades. Please write Dr. Pratt,, if you did not receive the message.
  • More minor changes were made to the formula sheet for the Final Exam.
  • Copies of welcome messages:
    Section 001 (8:00 lecture, Zegers)
    Section 002 (9:10 lecture, Lynch)
    Section 003 (10:20 lecture, Duxbury)
    Section 730 (on-line)
    Section 731 (on-line, off-campus)

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