Integrative Studies in Physical Science - 209

ISP 209 : Mystery of the Physical World

Course description
Laws of physics through demonstrations and analyses of every day phenomena. The laws of mechanics; fluids; electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena; light and optics; the atom. Applications of physics in technology.

Course objectives
To enhance the awareness of the basic laws governing demonstrable phenomena, and to participate in the understanding of these laws of nature. Also, to learn how this science applies to technology that we use every day.

Algebra, e.g., MTH 103 at MSU or equivalent or an equivalent score on the math placement exam. The homework will involve calculations using algebra. You will need a scientific calculator, such as TI-30, but you won't need a graphing calculator.

Professor Daniel Stump
Room 1312 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building
Office Hours: Monday 9:00 to 11:00 and Friday 1:00 to 3:00, in the Learning Center, Room 1248 BPS.

Teaching Assistant

Grading will be based on several components: a weekly on-line homework assignment using the LON-CAPA system (20%), attendance (10%), three midterm exams (45%) and a final exam (25%).
Exam dates: February 3, March 3, April 7.
The Final Exam is Thursday, May 5.

Daniel Stump, ISP 209 Coursepack (Student Book Store)

Homework using the LON-CAPA system.
Log on at, using your PILOT ID and password. Then follow the links to enter the ISP 209 site. Click on Navigate Contents, or the NAV button of the electronic remote control, to go to the problem sets. Also, learn how to use the print command (PRT button) to print a paper copy of your assignment.
The deadline for most homework assignments will be Monday at 10:00 PM. However, students should complete the homework earlier in case of computer malfunctions: if access to the LON-CAPA system should fail near the time of the deadline, a student will not be able to get credit for the homework that was not yet submitted.

Reading assignments
The Reading Assignment are labeled by Week in the Coursepack, and will be announced in class.

Expectations. To complete ISP 209 and receive a satisfactory grade, a student must do four things: come to class and pay attention; do the readings; do the homework assignments; study for the exams. This work is expected to take approximately 12 hours per week, including the 3 hours per week in class.

Last revised January 1, 2005