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Week 1:
  Special Relativity
biography of Faraday
biography of Maxwell
biography of Hertz
biography of Lorentz, another
Einstein, from AIP, Time Magazine's Person of the Century
Week 2:
  Special Relativity  
Week 3:
  Thermodynamics story of Marie Lavoisier
biography of Count Rumford
biography of James Joule
conservation of energy and controversy
Week 4:
Week 5:
  Quantum Theory  
Week 6:
  Structure of the Atom  
Week 7:
  Wave properties of matter and Quantum Mechanics I  
Week 8:
  Quantum Mechanics II  
Week 9:
  The Hydrogen Atom  
Week 10:
  Atomic Physics  
Week 11:
  Statistical Physics  
Week 12:
  The Nucleus  
Week 13:
  Nuclear Interactions and Applications  
Week 14:
  Elementary Particles  
Week 15:
  Elementary Particles and Cosmology  
Week 16:

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