PHY 184 Spring 2007

Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2

Course description
Electricity and magnetism, electromagnetic waves, light and optics, interference and diffraction.

Course objective
PHY 184 is a course for students planning to major in science or engineering. The course objective is to learn the fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism.

PHY 183 and MTH 133 or equivalent

Section 1: Prof. Reinhard Schwienhorst and Prof. Gary Westfall
Office hours: Tuesday, 3:30 to 5 pm in the Learning Center, Room 1248 BPS.
Wednesdays, 3:30 to 5 pm in Room 3234 BPS.
Section 2: Prof. Daniel Stump and Prof. S. D. Mahanti
Office hours: Monday and Thursday 1:00 to 2:30 in the Learning Center, Room 1248 BPS.

Teaching Assistants

Grading will be based on homework, two midterm exams and the final exam. Extra credit points will be awarded for clicker questions. Please look up the detailed grading criteria at the LON-CAPA site for PHY 184.
Exam dates: February 8, March 22 and May 3.

Bauer and Westfall, Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2.

Homework using the LON-CAPA system.
Log on at, using your MSU NetID and password. Then follow the links to enter the PHY 184 site. Click on Navigate Contents, or the NAV button of the electronic remote control, to go to the problem sets. Also, learn how to use the print command (PRT button) to print a paper copy of your assignment.

Reading Assignments will be announced in class.
Also, see the course curriculum at the course web site.

Expectations. To complete PHY 184 and receive a satisfactory grade, a student must do four things: come to class and pay attention; do the readings; do the homework assignments; study for the exams. This work is expected to take approximately 14 hours per week, including the 4 hours per week in class.

Course web site

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