Physics 233B, Fall 2008

Article 2.3.3 of the Academic Freedom Report states: “The student shares with the faculty the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of scholarship, grades, and professional standards.” In addition, the College of Natural Science adheres to the policies on academic honesty specified in General Student Regulation 1.0, Protection of Scholarship and Grades ; the all-University Policy on Integrity of Scholarship and Grades ; and Ordinance 17.00, Examinations. (See Spartan Life: Student Handbook and Resource Guide and/or the MSU Web site .)

Therefore, except as explicitly specified below, you are expected to complete all course assignments, including homework, quizzes and exams, without assistance from any source. You are expected to develop original work for this course.  Also, you are not authorized to use or facilitate for others to use the Web site to complete any course work in this course. Students who violate MSU rules may receive a penalty grade, including but not limited to a failing grade on the specific assignment or in the course.

You can seek and provide assistance, including that in posts on the Loncapa site, concerning strategies in solving homework and partial-credit exam problems. You cannot give away, or seek others to give away, outright problem solutions, reducing the learning experience for a recipient of the solution to zero. E.g. you cannot post formulas on the Loncapa site that provide an answer upon subsititution. On the other hand, posting a formula is OK if you want to specify the law that should be followed and there is more to the problem than just substitution to that law. If you are in doubt whether a specific form of assistance is acceptable in homework and partial-credit exams, ask the teaching staff for the course. Posts on the Locapa site violating the policies will be removed; persistent offenders will be subjected to the penalties indicated above. Inappropriate posts on the site may be removed as well.


Physics 233B, Fall 2008

Grading Scale:

x = score in %


91≤ x


83 ≤ x < 91


75≤ x < 83


67≤ x < 75


59≤ x < 67


51≤ x < 59


44≤ x < 51


x < 44



Grading Weights:

  3 Midterms (25% each)

75 %

  Reading Quizzes

4 %

  Homework (Loncapa)

24 %

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