Required Text:

A. J. Diefenderfer and B. E. Holton, Principles of Electronic Instrumentation, Third Ed., Thomson Brooks/Cole, 1994, ISBN-10: 0030747090, ISBN-13: 9780030747090.

Suggested Reference:

P. Horowitz and W. Hill: The Art of Electronics, Second Ed., Cambridge University Press, 1995, ISBN-10: 0521370957, ISBN-13: 978-0521370950.

Also Useful:

M. Plonus: Electronics and Communications for Scientists and Engineers, Cambridge University Harcourt/Academic Press, 2001, ISBN-10: 0125330847, ISBN-13: 978-0125330848.


The textbooks will be put on reserve in the BPS library. The Art of Electronics is considered by many an ultimate reference in electronics. Students planning to continue with electronics in future years should seriously consider acquiring that book.