If you are living far from the MSU campus at the time of the exam, beyond a reasonable commuting distance, or if you are traveling with an MSU-sponsored program, you may be able to arrange a proctored off-campus exam. Arrangements must be made well in advance of the exam -- last minute requests will not be accommodated. You must arrange for a proctor to administer the exam. The proctor may be a college professor or the supervisor of an MSU-sponsored program. In addition, testing centers at community colleges and universities, or the librarian at your local Public Library may be used to proctor exams.

In a proctored exam, I will send the exam to the proctor via email or FAX. The proctor will give you the exam on the scheduled date of the exam and stay with you for one hour while you do the exam ( two hours for the final exam). Then the proctor will send your exam answers back to me by FAX. Both you and the proctor must sign a form stating that the exam was taken without help.

To schedule a proctored exam, you must send me the name of the proctor, the proctor's job title, place of employment, telephone number at work (no home or cell phones), the proctor's email address and the proctor's FAX number.

Arranging off-campus exams can be time consuming, therefore they must be made well in advance. The deadlines to arrange off-campus exams are as follows:


Exam Deadline
Sept 28
Oct 26
Nov 11
Dec 2

If I have not received ALL of your proctor's contact information by the deadline, you must take the exam at MSU.


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Last updated: September 2, 2010