PHY 321 - Classical Mechanics I

Spring 2011


Course prerequisites:
•PHY 215 or PHY 294H or concurrently
•MTH 235 or MTH 255H or concurrently

The mechanics of point particles as application of Newton's laws. Conservation of energy and momentum. Central force fields.

Lectures: MWF 3:00-3:50pm in 1420 BPS
Lecturer: Pawel Danielewicz
Phone: (517) 908-7330, 5-9672 x 330 from campus
Office: 223 Cyclotron
Office hours: TuW 10-11am in 1248 BPS (Charles J. Strosacker Center)
Grader: Tung-Wu Hsieh
Office: 1400 BPS
Office hours: M 4-6pm in 1248 BPS (Charles J. Strosacker Center)

Textbook: Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems, Stephen T. Thornton and Jerry B. Marion, 2004, 5th edition
Publisher: Brooks Cole
ISBN: 0534408966, 978-0534408961

Clicker Questions: Lectures will be interrupted with unannounced quiz-questions, with responses provided using i>clickers. Even incorrect responses will be earning some credit. Please supply the ID Code of your remote at the Angel site for the class.

Homework: Weekly homework assignments, see the schedule, will be normally due at the Wednesday lecture, for the material from the preceding week.

Exams: There will be three midterm exams and final.


Grading policies

Angel site for the course will be used for storing lecture notes and homework solutions and for accessing class scores.

Last revised: January 14, 2011.